What's the best part about spring besides warmer weather and more daylight?

The fashion of course.

Most of the time, the clothes we wear reflect our personal style or emulate the kind of ensemble we think would garner a nod of approval from the ladies.

If you felt your style was lacking the past few months, and are looking to spruce up your wardrobe-- then look no further my friend. I've got you covered with expert advice and opinions from women on what they would love to see guys in this spring from head to toe.

Dad Hats

If you are a fan of caps, a dad hat is all you need.

A popular trend especially among celebs, a dad hat (aka polo cap) can be a very flattering look if you have shorter length hair.

Though, be weary: it can be a process finding the right cap that fits your face structure/size of head, but when you do, it will be totally worth it. Check out brands like Supreme, Dime or Raised by Wolves for a clean and well-constructed take on the Dad Hat.

Another good look: Bandanas

Embroidered Denim Jackets

How to make a denim jacket even cooler? Sew really cool totems and patches to them. This is one of my favorite spring style trends. Gucci made this look incredibly popular with their line of embroidered jackets; however they can be a bit pricey for the average shopper. Instead, get a plain denim jacket, find your own patches, an iron, scissors, sewing machine, and DIY.

Check out Honestly WTF's guide on how to make your own.

Another good look: Souvenir Bomber jackets

Vintage print T-Shirts

Retro has been in for quite some time now and vintage printed tees are a great and fun way to capitalize on this trend.

Comic Book nerd? Find you favorite character on a tee. Fan of Metallica, Pink Floyd or another throwback band? There is a vintage tee for those too. Defend, Tyranny + Mutation, Collector’s Weekly, and Etsy are great places to find vintage pieces. You can also check your nearest thrift store for some hidden gems as well. Try to go for a more fitted look when looking for the perfect vintage tee.

Another good look: Monochrome print

Chinos I am a track pants/jogger kind of person, but you cannot deny the versatility and convenience of the beloved chinos. Casual dress is becoming widely accepted nowadays, even on the job. That means chinos are the perfect pants for every type of event. Throw on a blazer and a button-up for a formal yet relaxed work fit, or a casual plaid shirt and a dad hat for a Friday night on the town. You should own a pair in navy, charcoal, caramel, and olive for starters. Salmon, red, stone, white, and sky blue are great springtime colors to give your outfit a warm weather, tropical feel. A guy that wears chinos is a guy who is adaptable and resourceful.

Casual Shoes Generally, when it comes to footwear, the ladies would rather we trade in those Jordans and other sneaker brands for casual leather shoes. They are a much more mature and versatile look, and go great with those all-purpose chinos in your closet. Saddle shoes, bucks, wingtips, boat shoes, brogues, loafers – you have options. You don't have to get rid of your love for sneakers though. Colored ankle cut Converse All-Stars are a solid, stylish, casual sneaker option.

Well, there you have it guys: an inside look into what women truly want when it comes to your style. May you always stay fresh and classy, my friends!