“But is it Facebook official?”

Ah social media, you are quite the conundrum.

Dating in today's tech-addicted world, you have to be aware and impeccably cautious of how social media can affect your relationship. Even with all of its privacy terms and conditions, infidelity takes many forms. And we know all too well that it is sometimes impossible not to dwell on the fact that your trusted and beloved partner might be inappropriately liking someone else's Instagram pictures or ‘sliding into those DMs’. These virtual relationships may seem miniscule and innocent to some, but to most, digital cheating is parallel to reality. Chances are, if you are dating someone- you have already pondered about their social media habits, and what they’re ‘up to’ online.

How many of us have actually been affected by this notion? According to our polls, 38% of millennial females have had a relationship end directly due to social media.

“He was sending snaps to that girl he told me ‘not to worry about’ smh.”

-Winq user

While another user expressed her sentiment, “I actually broke up with my ex because he wouldn't stop (liking/commenting on his ex’s pics) after I asked thousands of times. Found out later he still had serious feelings for his ex.”

More couples break up because of social media because apps make it considerably simple to track your significant other's every move. And those already in relationships have to think twice before they click.

How do these infidelities occur? Whether it involves catching a significant other cheating on a platform (which was the case for 15% of total Winq users) or experiencing some form of jealousy from a partner every time an inappropriate picture is liked or a questionable account is followed, the number of fights social media causes in relationships is quite outstanding.

Specifically, “hidden” features like Instagram DMs and countless Snapchat abilities allow cheaters the convenience of following through on random acts of infidelity through the comfort of their own phones. 83% of Winq users also say that because of its disappearing features, Snapchat is the easiest platform to hide an affair. Pictures can easily be sent back and forth between partners with a set timer that will eventually leave no proof, ultimately fading into the ether. People are using the app’s hidden and disappearing features to sext (and oftentimes send ‘nudes’) to people other than their partners, which 95% of users consider to be an active form of cheating. Snapchat, like many other apps, is the perfect vehicle for people who want to experience sexual satisfaction outside of their own relationships without getting caught.

“Yes. Realized he kept signing into different accounts. Turns out one was to cheat on me.”

-Winq user

Digital platforms misused to blur the lines between right and wrong is nothing new. People have been using technology for years, and there’s no doubt that social media provides a satisfactory instant escape. If you hit a rough patch with your s/o, it's easy to jump online and let your eye wander.


Instead of having an open and honest conversation when relationships go astray, the easy road of looking for the next best thing is as simple as a mere scroll these days.