Random fact: Did you know that March 14th is officially know as "Steph Curry Day", worldwide? You didnt? Well, that would make sense, seeing how that isn't true. Got ya! However, the 14th is still pretty significant in all things Steph, because it is his birthday. For a guy about to only turn 29, Steph has quite the number of accolades. 3-point marksman and 1/2 of the famous "Splash Brothers", 2x NBA MVP, former NBA Champion and those conversations about being the best shooter ever. Steph's list of accomplishments seem to grow larger and larger all the time. So, in honor of the Chef's birthday I made a list of 14 of his most memorable moments in his career.


Where it all began

Best place to start is at the beginning. Before he became Chef Curry, he was just former NBA player Dell Curry's son. But, after enrolling to Davidson in the fall of 2006, Steph started to make a name for himself in the world of basketball. In his sophomore season, Steph led the Wildcats to an improbable and unbelievable Elite Eight run, breaking ankles and leaving a trail of "oooooh's and ahhhhh's" in his wake. His antics made him a household name overnight. He earned the nickname, "The Baby-Faced Assassin" because, I mean look at him. He looked like he's at least 14. He would leave after his junior season and get drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the first round, seventh overall.


Paper Ankles

One knock against Curry's game was his tendency to get hurt often early on in his career. Steph had especially bad ankles that he seemed to sprain almost as frequently as he drains three pointers. His inconsistency in and out of the lineup put the thought in some people's mind that maybe that magic from college was just that, and Steph game and physical frame was too much for the pros. We all know how that eventually turned out though.


There's nothing like the first time

We have all been a witness to Curry's clutch factor late in games before, making numerous game sealing plays. But do you remember his first? I bet the Dallas Mavericks do. It's the 4th quarter of a home game in December of 2013, Curry is matched up against Shawn Marion, an above-average defensive player in his own right. He dribbled right, gave Marion an ill pump fake, then leaned left and dropped in the 20-footer. Ball game. His first of many clutch plays of his career.


He makes it look so easy

Even when he doesn't try too hard, Steph still leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. Down by two, with less than ten seconds left, Steph quickly, yet casually takes the ball up court, one on one with Tobias Harris of the Orlando Magic. He doesn't make a spectacular move or take a difficult shot but, was able to create enough space from Harris, and win the game. Has a game winner looked any easier?


One, Two, Three, Four?

Steph and the Warriors start the first half strong vs the Los Angeles Clippers, but not without ending it with a four point play from the Chef. After he hits the three and draws the foul, you can see him mouth, "one, two, three, four" mimicking the three points he just made, and guaranteeing he will make the ensuing free throw. Talk about confident.


The Original No-Look 3

Speaking of confidence, Steph seems to have that quality in spades. In Game 4 of the 2013 playoffs against the Denver Nuggets, Steph did the unthinkable. Someone on the Nuggets bench must have said something to him because after he releases the shot, he turns around mid-air to say something back, as the the ball found the bottom of the net. That's right. Steph was too busy trash talking to care to watch his three pointer go in or not. But, who are we kidding though? Did Steph even think that shot wasn't going in? It has since then become a regular celebration for the shooting savant.


Steph and Chance has the moves

Throughout the 2015-16 NBA playoffs, you might have caught Steph doing his pregame ritual of dancing and singing the "Jones, BBQ and Foot Massage" dance. Fresh off of NBA Championship, and looking to add some ESPY's hardware to the collection, Steph decided to break out the song and dance routine before the award show for some good luck. With a little help from Chance the Rapper, the two blessed up with our #8 moment.


Heartbreak in the Big Easy

Some argue this is the biggest shot in Steph's NBA career. It's the 2015 NBA Playoffs, The New Orleans Pelicans just came back from 20 points down to take the lead late in the 4th. The Pelicans are already down 2-0 in the series, and play their first home game of the series. You can see the momentum of the game and possibly, the entire shifting towards the Pelicans. Not if Steph has anything to say about it. He drills a corner 3 to take the air out of the Smoothie King Arena, and sent the game to overtime, where the Warriors would finish them off in heartbreaking fashion. Warriors went on to win the series and of course the NBA championship.


Chef Curry the Wizard

Best plays are the ones that even after seeing it a couple of times, you still can't believe it happened anyway. Steph has a library of such plays but this one right here is one of my all-time favorite jaw droppers. Steph some how masterfully weaves his way through 4 of the 5 Clippers on the floor. After he creates enough separation, he has the audacity to launch and nail a step-back three pointer as the cherry on top. One thing to appreciate here is how fluid (and easy!) he looks pulling this off. He does it all it one motion. Award that man extra points for style.


Steph shows off the range

What does a Bradley Cooper and Steph Curry's shooting range have in common? They are both limitless. I wasn't in love with the joke either but it's besides the point: Steph is a really good shooter. I'm talking 60 footers from the opposite three point line, all net good.


Madison Steph Garden

In one of his most dazzling scoring performances ever, Steph swished and shimmied all night while putting on a show, draining 11(!!) 3-pointers on his way to 54 points and a win at the "World's Most Famous Arena".


Steph and Ayesha Curry are True Relationship Goals If you ever needed an example of, "“Behind Every Successful Man Is A Great Woman" just google Steph and Ayesha Curry. Any list of Steph's most memorable moments would be incomplete without mentioning Ayesha. The successful food and lifestyle blogger has been Steph's number one supporter and cheerleader from day one, and never been shy about standing up for her man. Mother to his two beautiful daughters, Steph is one lucky guy to have someone that great in his corner.


Stealing (and sealing) the Thunder

We've seen Steph game winners before, but not like this. Overtime, game tied at 118. After an OKC miss, the ball finds it's way to Steph Curry. With time running out, Steph takes about 2 and a half steps past half court and throws up and nails the shot for the win. It was an absolutely incredible shot to witness, but at the same time it at this point you kind of expect this kind of behavior from Steph by now. So much in fact, you can tell by his body language this was a shot he was totally comfortable taking. That would be his 12th and at the time, NBA record for most 3 pointers made in a game, (a record that he would eventually break again)


The Legend of Riley Curry

Who is the only person that can steal Steph's shine no matter how many no-look 3's he makes in a game? Riley Curry. The daughter of the sharpshooter became a viral sensation after sitting in and taking over her father's postgame press conferences. She's a natural for the camera and doesn't ever shine away from speaking her mind. Also, there is nothing more precious than watching her imitate her dad's signature chest pound after making a 3 pointer.