In this season of New York Fashion Week, designers are using the runway to take part in politics. From the presidential administration to the immigration ban, NYFW has become a platform for brands to express their opinions on social issues and controversial debates.

It’s no secret that New York Fashion Week’s high profile runway shows and couture events attract enormous media attention. But are fashion shows capable of harnessing the power to carry and convey serious messages?

Can the fashion industry use its platform to really ignite change in political climate?

According to millennials, the opinions are split. 55% believe fashion has no place in politics, while 45% believe the fashion industry is indeed influential and should address politics.

Personally, I find it is crucial to unify disparate worlds through every industry. Be it fashion, tech, cinema-- every industry should be using its platform to voice their message and do their part to initiate change.

Here are the top 5 designers who had something to say:

Prabal Gurung

Source: Instagram, @instaglamnews

Public School

Source: Instagram, @publicschoolnyc

Mara Hoffman

Source: Instagram, @pujahs

Creatures of Comfort

Source: Instagram @caradecrist


Source: Instagram @tomenyc