It’s that time of year again, folks. It’s the Super Bowl!

If you are like most women, you’re going to watch the big game at a party with some of your close guy friends. And if I know your guy friends, I know they’ll be watching the game very seriously. If there is one thing that grinds my gears, it’s when women don’t know what’s going on and ruin the game for the rest of us. So, I’ve compiled a guide on how to watch the game for the ladies.


Know the Basics:

Each team gets four chances to score a TD before giving the ball back to the opposing team

Possession = when a team has control of the ball at any point in the game

Turnover = when the offense gives the ball back to opposing team on one of their 4 tries for a TD or a possession. An interception or fumble recovery are types of turnovers

Endzone = the colored ends of the field (Usually with team names on it…) TD or touchdown = 6 points

Field goal (when kicker kicks ball through uprights) = 3 points

Safety (when the team on offense is tackled in their own end zone by the opposing team) = 2 points

Pick six = defense intercepts pass and scores a TD

What to do before the big day:

Do a little research

Find out who’s playing, who the starting Quarterbacks are, where they are playing, what number SB it is (It’s 5, by the’re welcome) and the odds for both teams if you want to go a little deeper. It’s very easy to get this information with a quick Google search, or reading game previews on sites like,, etc.

If you are not a fan of a team playing, it’s okay to pick a team just for this game and cheer them on. Or you can always just watch the game without any allegiances (which is much less stressful). Rooting for the underdog is fun and you might even get some props for rolling with the little guy and knowing your stuff.

Don’t be afraid to skip the wine and grab a brew like one of the guys. You probably won’t find wine at a Super Bowl party anyway. So, when in Rome...

If you wear a jersey, you should know that player’s info on the spot (another Google search will help you with this). Don’t wear a jersey if you aren’t ready to possibly be quizzed on that player. Otherwise, stick to clothing with normal team colors. And please, stay away from pink fan gear and personalized jerseys.

If you pick a team because you find someone on that team attractive, keep that information to yourself Also, please do not comment on the player's butts. We do not care, trust me.

Stay away from random sports trivia unless it is important given the context. It’s just another example of trying too hard.

What to do during the game:

When the game starts, sit back and observe how fans react to certain situations. Do this for at least the first quarter because casual fans tend to overreact to very simple plays.
Screaming after a player runs untouched for 10 yards is very annoying and can ruin the viewing experience for others. Nothing is happening except you screaming at a man on TV for no apparent reason. Wait for the conclusion of the play (when he is tackled to the ground) and THEN react accordingly.

Pay Attention!

I cannot stress this enough. While watching the game, you should know what the score is, who has the ball, what quarter it is, etc. Most of this information should be somewhere on the screen at all times. Asking questions about the game, especially during the game, is very annoying. Please just don’t do it. You can always ask questions about the game during commercials.

Stay off the phone while the game is on. If you aren’t into the game like everyone else that’s cool, but be courteous to others who are actually interested.

Don't compare football to other sports

We already know they are two different sports. This is not new or necessary information to present while watching the game.

Enjoy the Game!

It’s okay if it doesn’t make sense all at once. The game has little nuances that you pick up over time...just know the basics and you will be fine. Don’t be afraid to knock back a brew or 6, and above all, respect the game.