Millennials might be perceived as narcissistic, lazy, and entitled-- but one thing is certain: we are more determined than ever to improve ourselves mentally and physically than the generations before. In fact, 94% were reported to make personal improvement commitments in 2015 (compared to 84% of Boomers and 81% of Gen Xers).

Through a live chat session hosted by Khloe Kardashian on Winq, we found that 87% of millennials believe true beauty comes from within, which is attained by self-improvement.

Though historically, the politically correct definition of beauty is a number of qualities that please the aesthetic senses (especially sight), today the social definition of beauty starts from a deep-seeded root inclusive of qualities that also please the psychological senses that influence emotions and behaviors.

The majority of Winq users believe beauty is a direct correlation to your inner self; being true to who you are and habitually working on being the best version of you.

With more than 680 comments, here are a few of our favorites:

“Beauty is someone who is true to themselves and to others. Somebody who can look in the mirror and see the flaws and be proud of them. Everybody will not like something about themselves at some point or another." - Hanna Speirs

To which Khloe replied:

"I think that when you are beautiful on the inside, meaning you are of good character, it shows on the outside. You radiate positive vibes and people will want to be around you more." -Kim Girard

We also read a few incredible resolutions for 2017:

"My resolution this year instead of losing weight was to just overall live healthier--exercise more (I've found it to be my best stress reliever in get school), eat wholesome foods, be around positive people and do things that make me happy again! Sometimes I find I'm stretched so thin that I forget to make time for myself and that's really propelling me forward, and in turn I've lost weight as a side effect! Win win win!" -Abigail Picyk

While some inspiring users shared their own personal experiences:

And finally, as our girl Kelli so accurately put it:

"We shouldn't let anyone dictate how we should look or feel, it's all about confidence! We are all amazing and unique and no one will take that away from you! Be strong, be true to you!" -Kelli Nora