This post was originally seen on Elite Daily on January 19, 2017.

Your Official Donald Trump Inauguration Drinking Game

On Friday, January 20th at 12:00pm EST, the inevitable will happen. President-elect Donald Trump will raise his hand, repeat a 35-word oath, and be sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States. What was believed to be a long, tireless prank, will go down as a sad, yet historical truth.

Donald Trump will be the most powerful man in the world.

(and cue dramatic music for shock revelation… dun dun dun)

Being that I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump, I can’t fathom not watching the inauguration and all of the palpable eyerolls (I see you Michelle), cringe-like commentary from Trump and his administration, and hilarious Internet memes juxtaposed with Trump’s cartoon-like appearance that will undoubtedly come with it… this is going to be the world’s largest shit show, and alas! We have front row seats.

Whether the imminent Trump presidency scares the living crap out of you or makes your blood boil, one thing is certain: you are not alone.

As some A-list celebrities duck requests to perform on this dreadful day, as other resolute civilians prepare for protests, as climate scientists announce dire warnings and alarming consequences, as immigrants fear for their civil rights and the chance of deportation, and as the rest of us sulk in misery-- why not use this momentous event in our nation’s history to get completely hammered and help ease the pain of the unavoidable fate of our country’s future?

(Yes, I’m aware that the inauguration begins at 9:30am, but come on people, it’s happy hour somewhere...)

Play our drinking game that will be featured during the 2017 inauguration through our newest social polling app, WINQ. An app that allows like-minded people with headstrong and unwavering opinions to contribute and defend their beliefs in an open forum.

To be honest, I thought we could all use some online democracy before we sell our souls to Trump and his administration for the next four years.

Here's how you play.

  • Round up your mates.
  • Download the Winq App on your phone (available in both iOS and Android).
  • Open up the category labeled ‘Inauguration’ (which you’ll find by clicking on the the fire🔥icon in the bottom tool bar).
  1. One person reads a poll out loud.
  2. Everyone in the room decides which option they would vote for.
  3. Put in your vote in the Winq App itself to see the results.
  4. If you did not vote with the majority, take a shot. 🥃
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4.
  6. Keep playing until one of you hits the floor!

Polls will range from political agendas to the featured performers to FLOTUS' style (FYI: Michelle Obama will forever be FLOTUS to me).

A cross between Cards Against Humanity and Trivia Crack, this app will help numb your pain, and have you and your friends drunk before Trump throws up the 666 and pouts his way through the Oath of Office.

So, take the day off, relax and enjoy the reality TV show that is what we call the 2017 Trump Inauguration. Or what I'd like to call...

Help America Forget Today.