If there is anything we know about President Donald Trump, its his love for tweeting. Whether it's a hot take, fake news warnings or something (or someone) that simply grinds his gears, Trump lets it fly in 140 characters or less.

Here are a couple of my personal favorites from President Trump:

11.Look at this gem he drops about being overweight

10.Donald loves spreading the love, especially around the holidays.

9. Look at all of this love.

8. Don't get on his bad side though...Those twitter fingers can be lethal.

7. See what I mean? Yikes.

6. Though, he too can be a victim of bullying.

5. Remember that time he gave Katy Perry dating tips?

4. Or his take on the "Twilight" drama playing out in real life?

3. His feud with Rosie O' Donnell has helped produce some more gems

2.Who could forget the legendary Obama Birtherism controversy

1. Donald, we would like to thank you and your tweets, for all that they have done for this country. Salute. 🇺🇸